My work is heavily inspired by my love of the Scottish landscape and the friendliness of her People. In my portraits, I aim to capture the inner light within each subject, animal, plant, stone or human.
— Jenny
Ayr Flower Show 2016

About Jenny

'Revealing the inner light within all subjects is my goal. The  physical world is fleeting and transitory and I feel a divine connection when I paint. Painting for me is a meditative flow of that life force within all, manifesting the unseen in paint. For me, there is no greater expression of creativity than painting. It is as if I 'breathe' my subjects to life.

 My style is diverse: I never know exactly where I'm going with a painting until the final moments.’


Jenny Brown, born in Kilmarnock, Scotland in 1963, is a landscape and portrait artist, yoga teacher, meditation teacher and therapist.  She exhibits through Open Studios Ayrshire at various events including the main open studio event in April each year.  Jenny runs bespoke meditation/ painting residential retreat weekends in Scotland to small groupson request. 

She welcomes commissions.



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